Hola all my Blog's readers!

I have just received guideline of my summer project from Heriot-Watt University School of Textiles and Design in which I will be studying my first year Fashion. That project is made of two tasks and one of them is to create my own Blog which I have been doing latterly. I have been thinking for a long time from what to start, what I should tell firstly and so on. I decided to spill out honestly all my minds and feelings currently living inside me. :)

Sooo, there is less than one week left to my departure, to the start of a new life. And you can not even imagine whatta crazy confusion is in my head now. At the one moment I am the happiest in the world because of opportunity given to me to study pleasing course in the amazing UK and wildly looking forward to that unusual experience and at the other- it is so difficult to leave everything what is the dearest for me. I can not even think about farewell with everybdy because I can not stand that puddle of tears and I will try to do anything to prevent it. Everybody is asking if I am scared or worried but actually I can not see any point to be worried even if I am going and will be living there alone I am secure that essentially I am not alone because there are many young people who feel like that and it is really nice to know that everyone is in the same boat. ;p

Now I know that I will definitely tidy up that mess in my head very soon and just leave a joy in it! B)
Please look forward to other posts which will be shared later. I am planning to tell everything from the start: how and when I became interested in fashion, why I chose to study abroad, how much effort did it cost to be accepted, etc.

Au revoir,